Dreams Come True

Welcome to our blog 

We are so proud  to share our Beauty Tips with you Make Up Lovers  !

We developed this  Beauty Atelier Shop as a source of our favourites Make Up tools and Cosmetics with affordable prices and great quality.

We have passion for Beauty, Fashion , Art , Travel and Healthy Food .

This was our Dream and vision we had since 2013 when we started our journey as Eyelashes and Hair Extensionist Experts an Make Up Artists .

We Designed and Developed our Hand Crafted Eyelashes Mink and Silk line , we have chosen the best high - performance make Up Tools , such as Beauty Blender sponges and Brushes Sets.

A new range of Cosmetics  and more ... will be coming soon !

Never give up on your #DREAMS , keep going  , keep doing , believe in yourself ,

no matter how difficult it seems ...

" when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

( @PauloCoelho #TheAlchemist ).





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